The Soul Tribe Collective is excited to be featuring the dynamic DJ duo, Pineo and Loeb out of Halifax. We have been following Pineo & Loeb for the better part of the Covid-19 pandemic on Twitch and have been supremely impressed by their commitment and dedication to their weekly showcase of fun, dancey, viby electronic music. Their unique personalities shine through on their streams that are filled with laughs smiles and good vibes. Recently, they raised $1711 in a 24/hr charity stream and were showcased by the local news network for their efforts. 

Below is an interview Soul Tribe conducted with Pineo & Loeb to get to know them and a little better. Here are the answers to the burning questions on everyone's minds!

When and how did you two legends meet?

Pineo: Loeb first contacted me after hearing my track Pinnacle that I released in 2012. He was throwing parties and asked me to come play a show with them. That was a huge honour to me and very motivating knowing that I could create the music I love, put it out on the internet and it would connect me with people who appreciate it. Definitely feels like fate now! 

Loeb: I first met Pineo after we played together at an Art Gallery DJ show back in 2012. I was DJing solo as “Loeb” and was a big fan of Pineo’s music. I started asking him questions on how to produce electronic music and got hooked on producing music with Ableton. He gave me lots of advice and guidance and eventually we started producing music together. We both got a residency at a club in Halifax called Pacifico and after we DJed he would come by my place and we would work on music. Then he would catch the 6AM bus back home across the bridge in Halifax to Dartmouth where he lived at the time! Amazing memories!

Do you guys live together?

Pineo: We sure do! Loeb’s on the floor above me in the same apartment and it’s extremely convenient for getting work done no matter the hour. Also we need both of us to make sure Timmy is always loved and fed. 

How long have you had Timmy?

We’ve had Timmy for 6 years now when we adopted him from a military family that was moving away and couldn’t bring him. I remember the lady who had to give him up cried having to let him go so I knew he was special. The first night we brought him home he hid under the couch for a while. He eventually came out then jumped on me, started rubbing his face on me and purring right away, it was a beautiful moment and we love him more than anything!

What was your first show and what was your favourite show?

Pineo: The first time I performed original electronic music was at an assembly style show at my High School called “Weststock” and after I performed I got really enthusiastic applause and was honestly blown away because I didn’t think anyone would care about or appreciate what I was doing at home alone with my electronics. It was an important moment for me!

Loeb: My first show was at a house party in Halifax where I DJed to a crowd for the first time. After that I landed my first show inside a club at The Argyle in Halifax. I remember not sleeping well for up to 2 weeks before that show and being so nervous! It went exceptionally well and through that I landed more gigs in Halifax which started off my journey in the music world! 

What’s the biggest crowd you ever played to?

Pineo: That’s a tough question, one of these shows! Future Forest on the main stage after Stickybuds? Sold out Pacifico in Halifax? Opening for Zeds Dead at the Forum in Halifax? The Wave in PEI? Key’s N Krates at Dalhousie University? Opening for SkiiTour in Whistler? Playing with Moontricks & Kytami in Vancouver? ECMA’s in Charlottetown? 

What’s your favourite track or mix that you’ve ever put out?

Pineo: My favourite mix is Future Forest 2019. It was done live in front of an incredible crowd at what feels like our home festival; I got to crowd surf to our song Circles, we played guitar with Sparkee live, it’s packed full of our own music and personal favourites. We were right after Stickybuds and he couldn’t have left the crowd in better shape, one of the best nights of my life. 

Where do you hope to be professionally in the coming years?

Pineo: Music has opened so many doors for us and connected us with such incredible people we would have never met otherwise. I want to play in every country in the world and connect through the universal language of music. One of my biggest motivators for success is that it opens doors to collaborators that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. I’m very passionate about bridging genre boundaries and want to collaborate with the best artists in every genre. Juno’s and Grammys would be a dream come true of course!

Loeb: Pineo basically took the words out of my mouth! Continuing to push ourselves musically by expanding our knowledge/experience with songwriting through Ableton/Logic and using instruments to really help mold the P&L identity. We want to keep connecting with people all around the world, spreading positivity/good vibes and writing music we will be proud of for our whole lives. 

Who’s an artist you admire or are inspired by?

Pineo: It’s no secret I’m a massive Prince fan. He exhaled music like people exhale air, an endless stream of ever evolving music and art. When he died he left hundreds of albums still yet to be released and released 39 albums to his own name in his lifetime. That’s the kind of legacy I’d love to leave. His art was a continual exploration of the human experience, based on groove with a universal positive message, that truly inspires me. 

Loeb: My music taste has grown a lot over my youth. As a kid I would listen to Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, 5ive and then I grew into loving Blink 182, Sum 41, Billy Talent, Linkin Park, etc. Then I went through a metal phase and then got super into hip hop/dance music.

Over the past 10 years I’ve been inspired by a ton music by artists by the likes of Kid Cudi, Coldplay, Kacey Musgraves, Daft Punk, Tom Petty, Fatboy Slim, The Beatles, Anderson .Paak, Odesza, Digitalism, Rufus Du Sol, Matt Mays, Avicii, Fred V & Grafix, Nelly Furtado, Miami Horror, Arcade Fire, The Knocks, Goldfish, Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris, Disclosure, Goldfish & more! I feel like my music taste can be defined by the combination of all these acts.